Sunday, April 5, 2015

Travel Time: The Bolinao Falls

I decided that this year would be my travel year. The travel may not be an international one but I would make time to discover new places. I believe that I don’t need to be on the retirement age of 60 before I enjoy life because that time would be useless if I won’t be able to enjoy the adventure along the way

My first travel happened last January 3 when I decided to visit my friend in Bani Pangasinan. Ida has been by friend since high school and she has invited me to come and visit her in her place. Since it was already night time when I reach Dagupan, it was the following day when she tour me around Bani; her hometown. We went to church in since it was Sunday and decided to take a swim in Bolinao
It was already after lunch when we went to Bolinao since they told me that the water would be icy could in the morning since it was just January. I though; together with their other friends and relative, we proceed to Bolinao. I thought that we would be heading at the famous Bolinao beach but Ida told me that we are heading to Bolinao Falls instead.  They told me that only few only knew about the place because it was only discovered recently.  Only the residents of Bolinao and nearby places know about the place and it was a great place even for the kids since the water is continues flowing from the mountain.

Bolinao Falls is located at Samang Bolinao; the road is a mixture of good and bad rough road. I was informed that the place is worth the travel. It took as around 30 minutes when we reach the place; there was actually 3 Bolinao Falls but the 3rd one is more conducive for both kids and adult.

There was actual a handful of vehicle when we arrive and from the top of the road, we need to walk down. The good thing that day was; there was actually a stairs made of bamboo that was made for the convenient of the visitors. There was actually no fee for per head, but we need to pay for the parking and cottage.
We brought our own food and cook it on site.

The water was really inviting and the kids are having fun jumping from the tree to the water. The water was so clear and since it’s not salty, it will not darken my skin and it was really refreshing.
Although it’s a bit rocky, it doesn’t stop us to enjoy swimming and finding a good spot to swim. At last, we found a perfect spot that make the rushing water feel like a massage. The powerful flow of the water serves as our massager; we just sit there and let the water do the rest.
The day was really wonderful and I would definitely be back

So if you visit Bolinao, remember that there a place that is breathtaking other than the beach.

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