Sunday, September 4, 2016

Rediscover Pampanga : Heritage, Church, Art and Museum

Pampanga or Pampaŋga is a province in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Lying on the northern shore of Manila Bay, Its capital is the City of San Fernando. The name La Pampanga was given by the Spaniards, who encountered natives living along the banks (pampáng) of the Pampanga River. At the eve of the Philippine Revolution of 1896, Pampanga was one of eight provinces placed under martial law for rebellion against the Spanish Empire; it is thus represented on the Philippine national flag as one of the eight rays of the sun.

And I am a proud Kapampangan
I was raised and born in Manila but my grandmother make sure that I know where my mother’s clan came from and that is why every fiesta of Anda Lucia, we make sure that we visit our relatives in San Fernando.

I maybe a Kapampanga but I never really known Pampanga that well until we made a tour around the province.  What can I say, let’s rediscover what Pampanga has to offer.

Why should you visit Pampanga

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Travel Tips : Things to consider when staying in a hostel

Things I consider when staying in hostel

  1. It should be small
  2. The dorms should be mixed
  3. There are assisting staff
  4. Should be near a transportation  area
  5. There should be a nearby convenience store as well, if  just in case they don’t provide free meals
  6. Hot shower
  7. Security
  8. WIFI

I found this hostel along Kalayaan that fits all my requirement or yours if you are a traveller or with some friends who needs a place to stay for a while in case you are travelling the next day or stuck in traffic due to heavy rains.