Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Youngest Daughter Made it to the Finals of NAMCYA 2011

This  is Jessa, my youngest among the girls. She started her ballet lesson at the age of 5. I could still remember her first outfit was just sock and leggings. Her first studio was at the top of our barangay hall in Maybunga Pasig. Her passion for dancing grew as she gets older. Jessa is now on her third year at Philippine High School for the Arts, Los Banos , Laguna.

Osang Soliven & I

Since Osang Soliven viral performance of bombastic in the X-factor Philippines, watching her perform on event was always a pleasure.

I recently meet Osang on one of the events that I attend. Osang was not only accommodating with regards to photo opportunity but has time to make chika to us. I found out that Osang was a member of a parish choir during his younger years.

Osang discover his unnatural talent during one of his gig shows. Wanting to attract customers, they tried to do something out of ordinary. Osang discover that singing songs that kind of rock and roll on the side is more lucrative than hitting high notes like that of Regine Velasquez.

Now, Osang is more in demand on shows performing rocks songs for the entertainment of his audience.

Here are the videos that I was able to take during his performance at the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang

Hope to see you again Osang

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jem at the USTSO Concert

USTSO recently held a concert in connection with the university Neo-Centennial celebration, held at the CCP’s little theater.

Joining the symphony is my daughter Elaiza Jem Tangalin who graduated from Philippine High School for the Arts major in Music (violin)

She is now in her 2nd year Bachelor in Music at the Conservatory of Music UST. Jem is a Violin I member of USTSO and being her mom, it gives me great honor to be able to watch her play with the USTSO.


Proud parents 

Preparing for Your Daughter’s First Period : a must know how

The beginning of your daughter’s period is a truly monumental occasion. For her, it’s a time of significant physical and emotional changes; for you, it can be an overwhelming yet nostalgia-inducing realization that your little girl is now growing up.

Guiding her through this pivotal time will ensure that she develops a positive attitude towards the changes happening to her body, which she will carry until adulthood. Moreover, being open with your daughter will assure her that you are someone she can approach when she encounters any issues or problems.

Letting your daughter know that getting her period is a normal and healthy part of growing up will dissolve all her worries and help her become more comfortable as she undergoes this important phase. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for this critical time in your daughter’s life.