Monday, August 19, 2013

I won an Ultimate Real Make Over by Real Magazine

They say I’m lucky when it comes to raffle but I just say I’m blessed. I ‘m always thankful to all the thing that I received whether it’s small or big but I never imagine that I could won something so big. As I was browsing my fb last July 10, 2013, I came across the fanpage of Real Living Magazine. Real Living Magazine posted a contest about their Ultimate Make Over. By the time it was the last day of the contest, and there’s only two hours remaining before the cut off. I immediately search from photos of our home in my fb photo album and send it together with the answer to their question: What do you need a house make over?

The winner of the contest was to be announce on July 15 and it was around 6pm when I received a call. My office mate that was with me then was shock when I started shouting. The call was from a representative of Summit Media informing me that I won their Ultimate Make over Promo. OMG, OMG are just the words that came out from my mouth and the rest of the conversation was just a blur to me. The only thing that I remember was, they are going to meet me on the 18th of July for actual inspection of the house.

During the meeting, they shoot some photos of our house (the before scene). When Ms. Christine (Interior Designer) arrived, we discuss as what needs to be done. It was agreed upon that I have to get all my things organized, as in throw away all the needs that I would not need in the next 6 months. They had given me 3 days to sort all my things. It took 1 week with three manpowers for my home to have the makeover. It was last July 30 that Real Living Magazine visit my home for the final shoot.
Welcome to my home

My Stay in Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

I told myself, if ever I do get a chance to travel I would definitely start here in the Philippines.  And my dream came true when I booked myself a flight going to Cebu City and then take a Roro going to Bohol.

First time to book a flight going to Cebu and it’s actually easy since there are a lot of promos available. Next agenda was to choose where to stay in Cebu. When choosing a hotel, there are things that I have to consider since I want to maximize my stay in Cebu. Luckily, they recommend that I stay in Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu.
Upon arrival, I was pick-up by one of the staff with their Porsche Cayenne complete with chauffeur. I appreciate the location of the hotel; Movenpick is just ten minutes away from the airport. As we travel, I notice that there’s an available public transportation just outside the hotel, no need for me to hire a cab while going around the city. Feeling adventurous already and I haven’t step inside the hotel, OMG,
The Entrance