Thursday, July 21, 2016

Travel Time : Isla Felomina Snorkeling and Diving Sites in Sabang Palawan

 Sabi nga nila, travel while you can and that’s what I promise  myself
For the month of June,  I am sharing   to you my discoveries in the majestic  Island of Felomina in Sabang Palawan

 We were able to visit another attraction since there were a lot of people at the underground river that time.

Isla Felomina  is a wow small island where I got to experience snorkeling and diving and swimming at well
As in , ang ganda ng place.  Maliit but super exciting to explore

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Where to Stay in Palawan: Microtel By Wyndham

Going around Palawan was a dream come true for me when I promise myself that I would like to spend some time to go around and travel

I spent almost 5 days in Palawan in that 5 days, I was able to spend my nights in different hotel that suit different needs of your truly

If you are looking for a place that is far from the hustle and buzz of the main city and wanted a place that is relaxing and solemn, then Microtel by Wyndham is the place for you. It’s the only hotel located in the main city that is near the beach.

Even though it’s a bit far from the shops, there is a free shuttle going to and fro Robinsons place and you could arrange a schedule pick up and there is a 24/7 tricycle service in the area.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Travel Time : Meet the Sicsican River Firefly Tour Guide of Palawan

It was our second night at Puerto Princesa and part of our adventure is the Firefly watching. Since Iwahig Firefly is out of the picture because of our hectic schedule, we opt to try what Dolphin & Whales Travel and Tours offers.

Our adventure starts at BayWalk Puerto Princesa wherein we begin our adventure by having to transfer from our ferry boat and had our dinner at a floating restaurant. The food may be simple but fresh plus there’s an added bonus of entertainment.

Since we came in late, we need to hurry up a bit to be able to stick to the schedule and see the firefly at the Sicsican River.

Since Sicsican River was a bit small for our original ferry boat, we need to transfer to a smaller one and there, the real adventure begins