Monday, July 4, 2016

Travel Time : Meet the Sicsican River Firefly Tour Guide of Palawan

It was our second night at Puerto Princesa and part of our adventure is the Firefly watching. Since Iwahig Firefly is out of the picture because of our hectic schedule, we opt to try what Dolphin & Whales Travel and Tours offers.

Our adventure starts at BayWalk Puerto Princesa wherein we begin our adventure by having to transfer from our ferry boat and had our dinner at a floating restaurant. The food may be simple but fresh plus there’s an added bonus of entertainment.

Since we came in late, we need to hurry up a bit to be able to stick to the schedule and see the firefly at the Sicsican River.

Since Sicsican River was a bit small for our original ferry boat, we need to transfer to a smaller one and there, the real adventure begins

The firefly watching would last up to 15 minutes; I was informed that the quantity of the firefly that we could see is based on the kind of weather that we have. We might see a lot or we might see less but the tour became more interesting because of our tour guide, Edison Dalanon

Firefly watching was just the same as any firefly watching tours in all the areas, what makes it great is having a tour guide that would make your adventure as relaxing and intriguing as he can possible can and if that means using a light sword to make his point or making mimic sounds that would intrigue or make you smile then the adventure is something to remember by.

At the end of the tour, we got a chance to talk to our tour guide and know him better and to know his job even more

 Meet Edison Dalanon, our firefly tour guide

If you want to meet him, make sure to book at Dolphin & Whales Travel and Tours. They also have Facebook page and can contact them at mobile number 09152632105

By the way, they also have the Dolphin and Whale watching adventure as well.

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