Saturday, April 4, 2015

Celebrity Mom Maricel Laxa's Birthday Party and I

It was a normal thing for me to be with some showbiz star because I got to me them during event, product launch or press con for new movie or teleserye; but to get an exclusive invite for their birthday party is a different thing; a big deal.

I am a mom with five kids and I got to do a lot of things all at the same time just to make a living and provide their needs that is why; you could say that I am always dead tired and drain. I consider myself lucky to be able to go places and meet new friends because of my blogging activities but I never thought it would also pave the way for me to be able to be part of the birthday party of Ms. Maricel Laxa at the Nurture Spa Wellness Village in Tagaytay.
I received an invite regarding a Celebrity Mom magazine event that will take place in a spa and I thought that it would just be like most of the event that I attended. I thought that since the venue is a spa; we would just receive a massage or something. I never thought that the day is a big thing and that it’s going to be one unforgettable event of mine.

The day start when , together with other mommies; we were fetch in Buendia Makati at around 8 am and was told that we will be heading in Tagaytay.  

 After two hours, we are already at the Nurture Spa Wellness Village, Tagaytay. The place was so breathtaking and we were immediately welcome by cheerful staff and the Celebrity Mom management. Since we were early for the event, we were able to take some groupie shots and look around the place
 The Venue
Table Set up
 While waiting, we were served with Kale juice and sandwiches. The Kale juice was really refreshing and I was so happy with it that I manage to finish 5 glasses (wow). The sandwich at Nurture Spa is delicious because they use their own produce in the farm.

More groupie and photo opportunities in the venue while waiting for the Ms. Maricel Laxa and the other guest.

It was really an honor to be part of the guest list for Ms. Maricel Laxa’s birthday party, since it was an intimate event and we were just around 20; that is why I felt so special that day.
Ms. Maricel immediately approaches us upon arriving and welcomes us. I felt the warm in her voice and we were given an opportunity for some groupie photos
For our first treat that day, we were able to get a tour around the farm of Nurture Spa Wellness Village. With our hat, we walk around the place and with the help of our tour guide; there were so many information that we manage to gather about the place and about the coffee

 After the tour a delicious lunch, awaits us at the venue

 The staff of Nurture Spa even performs several dances to showcase the different culture of our country and they even taught us the happy dance. The mommies and I were so happy to join.

 The staff of Nurture Spa even performs several dances to showcase the different culture of our country and they even taught us the happy dance. The mommies and I were so happy to join.

There were also talk about stress management by her husband; Anthony Pangilinan. We were also taught how to mix our own massage oil.  We were taught how to massage ourselves as well. After the informative talks, we were treated with Pawi massage.

The day doesn’t seem to stop because of the surprises that took place that day. We were pampered and taught valuable information that we could use in our life.

 After the massage, there are still snack that was served and to think I was already full; the thing is I can’t resist the suman and Choco.

To Ms. Maricel Laxa, Celebrity Mom Magazine, The Nurture Spa Wellness Village

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience

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