Friday, November 25, 2016

How you can save on your travelling trips

I started to travel last year but never really focus on it until this year 2016 of January. Travelling means expense and I normally pay for my airfare and other overhead. Here are some ideas that a friend gave me to save on my travelling expenses and I am sharing this to you as well

For Flight: i.e., Your BUDGET is Business/First Class
You may book either
1. Econmy Class
 2. Low Cost Carrier (Budget Airline)
3. Connecting Flight instead of Direct
4. Connecting Flight and Low Cost Carrier
5. Early Morning Departure
6. Red-Eye Flight (Early Morning Arrival)
7. Flew Standby (Chance Passenger)
8. Discounted Rate
 9. Bundled Package
10. Deal Through Online Site
11. Deal Through Last Minute Booking
8. Cheaper Airport

For Hotel: i.e.,
Your BUDGET is for 5-Star Class Hotel
You may book either:
 1. Lower Star Class Hotel (4,3,2,1)
2. Airbnb Instead of Hotel
 3. Shared Airbnb with Colleagues/Friends
4. Home Sharing (Transient)
5. Shared Hotel room with Colleagues/Friends
6. Hotel Near Airport
7. Stay in Less Expensive Area
8. Book a Multiple Hotels
9. Discounted Rate
10. Deal Through Online Site
11. Deal Through Last Minute Booking

And lastly, download an Insular Finance Manager App
The Insular Life Finance Manager App is designed to be simple, user-friendly, and reminiscent of the Magandang Araw the company promises. Its core function is to visualize how users spend their budgets and motivate them to put in the right amount for the things they value.
The Insular Life Finance Manager App makes monthly budgeting easy. Users can choose from ten expenditure items like food, phone and data, utilities, and amortizations, and input how much they spend on each. Even recurring expenses can be programmed into the app, so users can readily include their priority payments.
Take the first step to pocketing your dreams and download the Insular Life Finance Manager App. Try this new innovation and get the app for free on Google Play Store and on Apple’s App Store. 

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