Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"How to Earn with TravelBook Affiliate Program."

They say that ako na yata ang pinakaraketang mommy blogger na nakilala nila. Well, I can't blame them because I seem to have business in every aspect. Sabi ko nga, anything under the sun na business ay meron ako, basta legal. Well, what can I do, there are lot of opportunities just lurking around the corner if you just know how to spot them.

Well, I am a mother of five kids and to be able to sustain their financial need, dapat lang na magaling ako magspot ng business opportunities that could give me some income.

Enough of that kasi retire na ko sa mga raket and I just enjoying myself. I stop working 2 years ago and just blog and travel and blog and travel and blog and travel. It seems every month; I have a place to visit and my full time adventure travelling started this January.
Well, it’s August and it seems that raket is still in my blood.  It seems that travelling and blogging has given me a new way to earn

Hahahaha, yes, earn while you blog and travel. You could earn and help others as well
Oh di ba ang taray.

And I will share you my secret, come closer and read some more…………

Let me introduce to you The TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program

The TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program is a revenue generating program which allows partner Affiliates to earn commission on sales produced from converted traffic. The Program is created, managed, and operated by Travel Book Philippines Inc.

TravelBook.ph latest endeavor is the Blogger Affiliate Program that allows both up and coming and seasoned bloggers to earn extra money without having to do a lot of work. With up to 70% commission rates and assistance from their experts, this “earn for free” opportunity is something you don’t want to miss!

Okey, simplehan na lang natin toh, watch the video and after that lets discuss pa more about the details

And now, isa isahin natin ang mga possible questions nyo about the TravelBook.ph and it’s program

TravelBook Affiliate Program is under TravelBook Philippines Inc. (TravelBook.ph), it allows bloggers/travelers to generate revenue by referring customers to their website. By joining as an affiliate, they will promote TravelBook.ph on their website and convert traffic to hotel bookings with the use of promotional tools that they have provided. Every successful referral the affiliate will earn a commission. Anyone with a website can apply for the Affiliate Program. Each application will be reviewed, but once approved, the affiliate can start right away. The application is very quick and of course, for free.

Reasons To Register For TravelBook Affiliate Program?

Anyone who’s interested to promote the best deals on quality accommodation offered by TravelBook.ph is all welcome. Here are the list of benefits that an affiliate can get on TravelBook Affiliate Program:

Earn For Free – Joining the program is for free. Apply for free and start earning now!
Get High Commissions – Yes! You’ll get up to 65% commission rate for every successful referral.

Optimize Performance – You’ll know how your campaigns are doing in real-time.

Access Premium Tools – Choose various promotional tools and earn more money.

Register Now!

Registration for TravelBook Affiliate Program is free. After these simple steps, you’ll be able to start to earn you travel funds for your next trip. Just visit affiliate.travelbook.ph and hit “Sign Up” button. Just fill up the online registration form and submit it together with an attached scanned copy of your valid ID. They will review you application after you confirm your registration on your email. The review process will take 5 working days.

This affiliate program will help you convert your traffic to money to fund your trips. May discount pa tayo na madidiscover para sa mga sarili nating trip

Exciting di ba, imagine, you can use your blog and they can put stuff that would sure earn you some money which you can use as well for your travel. Just like the other, you might find this a little bit techie but no worries kasi ang easy lang daw ng mga embedding na ginagawa and the commission rate is higher than the usual rate that we get.
So ano pa ang hahanapin mo, travel na and raket na

Be TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program

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