Monday, July 6, 2015

My Out of this World Costume at Marriott Grand Ballroom Costume Party

I am always a fan of costume party.  I love to dress up my children for Sunday Easter or Halloween Party. I got tons of costume as home but was accidentally thrown away during my house make over

Well, that it; I said to myself. But when I was inform that there’s going to be a costume party on July 3, 2015 and the grand prize would be an overnight stay at the presidential suite at Marriot Hotel, that makes my heart skip a bit.

Just imagine an overnight stay at the Marriot Hotel and at the presidential suite not the less.
The good thing was, we were given more than one week to prepare before the event, but because of my busy schedule’; I was able to inform my friend Bernard about it
Just imagine his reaction when I told him that I needed a costume in 2 days’ time and anything that he has would be fine

Lucky for me, he got one costume on the works and just needed some modification and alterations because of my size.

And viola, here is my costume for the party.

And the winners are...............

All the efforts and hard work by Bernard paid off

So if ever, you need a costume just txt me at 09169289089 and I will gladly recommend you to you Bernard

Bernard does make up and prosthetics as well from different TV Station

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