Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A special feature product for today: C.C Cream by Farmstay.

Just when you saw all the B.B, the C.C, all the way to the Z.Z creams out there, another cream is coming in late into the game. It’s been a few years since the first Korean beauty specialty stores started opening up in our country, after all. So what else is new?

Here’s what: A C.C Cream that my daughter can finally use has come into the market finally; and it’s affordable too.

Since childhood, my daughter had sensitive skin. At fourth grade, she developed a skin condition that told us that she was terribly sensitive to just about everything. Because of which, she's been so careful with the stuff that goes on with her skin. It had to be hypoallergenic, like this, like that, until I can only count my trusted brands with two hands. Especially when it comes to make-up, oh dear, her standards are even higher. The trusted brand count goes down to one hand. And even then, there wasn’t anything I could put on her whole face that could wear outside and not feel uncomfortable. No face powder, no foundation, no B.B cream lasted for more than a month with her. Her face felt heavy and suffocated when she covered it up with even with B.B and C.C Creams.

Until today, that is. Farmstay’s C.C Cream felt light on her face. Even more important to me is that Farmstay’s products are all organic. ORGANIC, people.  At 700 pesos. With Spf 50 too. Just where do you just find that kind of deal? In LAZADA, how convenient.

She got so excited using Farmstay’s C.C Cream that she’s already looking forward to using it again tomorrow. 

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