Monday, September 3, 2012

Phsa ballet undergrad 2012

I wake up at 5 am the wee morning of Aug. 26, 2012. I was so excited not only it will the card giving day at the Philippine High School for the Arts but it’s the undergrad ballet recital 2012 as well. Jessa is already in her 3rd yr and as part of their curriculum, she and her batch match will choreograph a dance number fro their lower years. Yes, she will surely do something wonderful along with her batch mate that’s why I’m so excited. I could still remember the first day when Jessa took her ballet lesson. She was only wearing a sock for her foot protection, now she’s spinning on her toe shoe. How the years had gone by.

I was able to take a video for almost all of the dance number

Here are the other videos for that day
I'm so proud of you JESSIE 

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